About Us

#1 Technology Innovation Hub in Cameroon, we created ActivSpaces because we want to see more local tech innovations succeed.


Created in 2010 and with three branches in Buea, Douala and Bangangté in Cameroon, ActivSpaces (African Center for Technology and Innovation Ventures)Spaces, is the Technological Innovation Center par excellence which supports Tech startups throughout their entrepreneurial cycle through staggered incubation programs where young entrepreneurs bring their genius to life by bringing their ideas to life. We bring together tech communities, provide co-working spaces for startups, freelancers, designers, entrepreneurs (especially Techpreneurs) and independent thinkers with the ability to interact with other like-minded people. ideas.


In addition, ActivSpaces has set up a Makerspace whose creative and multidisciplinary space open to interested people will make it possible to make prototypes thanks to the facilities available to carry out their own digital or electronic projects (3D printing, laser engraving, Arduino system, Raspberry pi , solar kit etc.). We help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into sustainable businesses. ActivSpaces is also a unique community, we want to contribute to the growth of a community of local high-tech startups in Cameroon. Our incubation program supports startups by providing them with office space, an internet connection, personalized coaching and a community of professional experts to support entrepreneurs.

ActivSpaces’ mission is to collect, train, encourage, support and delight young Cameroonian innovators into becoming world class entrepreneurs or technology adopters capable of building successful technology enterprises.

Cameroon has traditionally been regarded as a technology consumer, not a producer. The few bold innovators who are challenging this status quo lack essential entrepreneurial skills and support as they work in silos within environments that are still projob and unfavorable for technology entrepreneurship. As a result, majority of these innovators fail to bring their potential groundbreaking innovations to light.

African Center for Technology, Innovation and Ventures Spaces (ActivSpaces) was created to help increase the odds of success for these young innovators by creating favorable environments that will serve as catalysts permitting their technology innovations to thrive.

We bring together tech communities and create spaces where techies and tech entrepreneurs come to learn, work and bring ideas alive.

We provide direct support to techies and help them develop skills they need to become world-class tech entrepreneurs.

ActivSpaces is registered as a Nonprofit Association in Cameroon operating as an Innovation Hub and Tech Business Incubator with two tech spaces in Buea (a.k.a Silicon Mountain) and Douala.

The journey we started in 2010 is far from complete. We attribute our credits and achievements to our Board, Team, Funders and remarkable Community Members.

ActivSpaces is entering its eighth year of continuous operations and without equivocation remains the leading tech community organization in Cameroon—and indeed among the first tech hubs on the African continent. However, the fact that we have endured this long should not make us complacent. Nor should this let us ignore trends in the community whose needs we are duly bound to serve.

In some circles, the startup culture excitement is dying and techies are moving more towards consulting and outsourcing opportunities. In other cases would-be startup founders are shifting toward being “Tenderpreneurs” for government contracts.

For this reason, we are taking stock in our organization, listening to our members and bringing fresh ideas forward to better foster the growth of the Cameroon startup community which we hold so dear.