A community at ActivSpaces is a gathering of like-minded individuals that are fascinated/interested by the same technology, idea, or concept. 

The rationale behind a community simply stems from the observation that most startups have a had time finding early adopters and even those that do, the traction gained in terms of customer or user acquisition is very low. The idea is that, if startups already had a community or communities of hundreds of individuals, enthusiastic about their products/services are ready/willing to spread the word, this might ease the pressure on the founders to find early adopters by themselves.  

In addition to this benefit for startup founders, community members enjoy perks of being affiliated with ActivSpaces by being able to participate in workshops, conferences and other tech-community centered activities organized by ActivSpaces. Furthermore, we encourage our communities to grow by themselves, become independent in execution (not needing ActivSpaces to do things for them) and to foster their popularity in the tech community through the organization of community-centered activities. 

Today, ActivSpaces boasts of 09 active communities through its 03 hubs. You can see the list of those communities here and apply to be a member of anyone of them here.